Sue and Nicola Step back to WW2 during our
'Remembering Week'
This Hope Journey event is becoming increasingly popular and so while we ideally offer the event during the week leading up to or following Remembrance Sunday, for some churches the event is run during October or November. 
The Hope Journey is now pleased to be able to offer a choice of either:
'Remembering' World War 1
our very popular 'Remembering' World War 2. 
Remembering World War 1
' A Hope Journey recalling the events of WW1 and any other subsequent conflicts, life in the trenches, the role of women in WW1, what it was like to come home after fighting on the front line, saying goodbye and many other topics. There is also further opportunities to reflect upon people that we no longer see. A difficult topic addressed in a relevant, sensitive and interactive way.'

                          Emma and Nicola Step back to WW1 during Remembering WW1 2014

During their visit pupils will have the chance to consider what life would have been like on the front line and even visit a simulated trench...but watch out for the rats!!

Remembering World War 2
A Hope Journey based around remembering past and current conflicts, life in WW2, untold stories, Anne Frank and many other areas. There will be further opportunities to reflect upon people that we no longer see. A difficult topic addressed in a relevant, sensitive and interactive way.’

Pupils will join the Hope Journey as we travel back to WW2 in Britain. we investigate what it was like to live during WW2 as well as investigating more current conflicts and their implications.


Hearing first hand stories, pupils will experience an air raid as well as having the opportunity to remember people who they have loved and lost.
                                                             Above- Emma holds a tortoise who experienced WW2.

                                                  Above- Pupils enter the Anderson Shelter during an air raid!

Lastly we look to the future with Hope through our wreath of Hope. The wreath is made up of hearts to form poppies on which pupils have written prayers and thoughts throughout their visit. 


              An example of one of our WW2 Wartime displays