Meet the Characters of the Nativity

This Hope Journey event is usually offered to schools during Advent. 

"Children come into church to explore the Christmas Story through a variety of ways including ‘meeting’  the characters. Volunteers take on the different roles and through conversation and questioning, transport the children to the heart of the story. A tableau, singing traditional carols forms the culmination of the journey."

We have now offered Meet The Characters of the Nativity for 8 consecutive years.

Meet and greet with The Angel Gabriel 
Pupils meet Mary, Joseph and whenever possible a 'real' baby Jesus

Pupils meet the Magi or the wives of the Magi and hear about their travels as they searched for the Baby King- Jesus.

Shepherds share the story of the Angel's appearance announcing the birth of the baby king. 
          Knocking on the stable door, the adults and children are met by the innkeeper, but going inside the stable...they meet another character. Can you guess who it is?