Epiphany: Journey with the Kings

This Hope Journey event is usually offered to schools as close to the celebration of Epiphany as possible given the school holiday timetable. 

"Epiphany is the time of year when Christians remember that the Wise men followed the star in the east until it came to rest above the place where the new king lay. Schools are invited to come and share in the last part of our Christmas celebrations as we share the Epiphany story reflecting on what we need for a journey and what gifts we can offer others." 

 Through small group activities, large group discussions, puppet presentations, contemplative questions and conversations, the pupils from year 1 are transported into the story of Epiphany and engage with it in an interactive and meaningful way. 

Pupils use their first hand experiences to explore the meaning and purposes of a 'journey' as well as investigating and reflecting upon the gifts that they could give to Jesus.