'Encounters...along the way'

This Hope Journey is to be used in conjunction with The Methodist Collection of Modern Art . The paintings have been selected because we believe they will prompt and provoke faith conversations around the themes of conflict, peace and reconciliation.

We are keen that the exhibition will engage with as wide an audience as possible and
that schools are able take advantage of this opportunity.

The ‘Hope Journey’ has developed inter-active workshops targeted at secondary
school students, particularly in years 7, 8 and 9.  These are designed to help students to engage
with the art and to help them to explore the key themes of conflict, peace and
reconciliation.  The workshops will explore biblical themes stimulated by the paintings, refer to past and current conflicts and other situations in today’s world.  These are designed to be stand-alone units,
but could also lead to further work back at school or develop work students are
already engaging with in school.

The Four images being explored through the series of workshops are:
  • The five thousand by Eularia Clarke
  • The son of man is come by Ralph Beyer 
  • The washing of the feet by Ghislaine Howard 
  • The mocking of Christ by Peter Rogers 
 Each school visit to the exhibition will last 2 hours, during which each student
will have the opportunity to engage with all 4 pieces of art in the
related workshops.  Each workshop uses a variety of learning styles from role-play to reflection.

For further information or to book a session please contact the Hope Journey Co-Ordinator on 07531899642.

For more information about the Methodist Collection of Modern Art, please visit the
website: www.methodist.org.uk/static/artcollection/image1.htm