Using Book Art in Hope Journey

    At present Book Art is offered for the following Hope Journey events:

    • Remembering (WW2)
    • Sharing Parables (The Lost Son)

    Book art is constantly being developed and to this end we hope to be able to offer book art activities for more journeys in the near future to enable pupils to engage with given topics in a different, yet interactive way. 

    Why do teachers value using book art?

    • It provides evidence of learning
    • It uses a variety of learning styles to explore the topic in question
    • Book art is made during a Hope Journey visit and can be used for follow up work back in class
    • It is a platform to development the experience and learning acquired at a HJ event

    Why do pupils value using book art?

    • It is a fun way for pupils to show the work that they have undertaken both during their experience and back in school
    • It becomes 'their book' and most children are very proud of their accomplishment. 

    We are working alongside Frank Dreissen: 

    Please come back soon for more information...