The Hope Journey is a fun, interactive and engaging initiative that is open to all people regardless of gender, age or belief. 

Although The Hope Journey originated in a Methodist Church in Ellesmere Port and is currently supported by The Wirral Methodist Circuit, you do not have to be Methodist, nor in the North West of England to facilitate The Hope Journey in your church. Training, support and materials are available upon request.
What can 'The Hope Journey' provide for schools?
  • A Partnership with a local church/ churches
  • Sharing Christianity predominantly in a way that educates and does not aim to convert
  • A Way of working which enables schools to get together with churches to support each other in the delivery of certain areas of the RE syllabus
  • An event or a series of events throughout the school year that are planned to meet areas of the locally agreed Religious Education syllabus, with preparatory and follow-up materials supplied
  • An inter-generational opportunity which depends on the contribution of people of all ages and experiences
  • A 'Safe' and 'Non-threatening way' to experience 'church' 
  • Hands-on workshops with stories, craft, role-play, drama, music and much more
Each ‘Journey’ has been written for a specific year group in primary education from reception/ foundation years all the way to year 6. 

What can 'The Hope Journey' provide for churches?
  • An interactive way to teach the beliefs and traditions of the Christian church, engaging the children in active learning
  • A learning experience, in most cases, within a church setting, supported by volunteers, school staff and parents
  • An Ecumenical opportunity, when churches in a neighbourhood can offer a range of different stories or work in partnership to deliver one event
  • An opportunity for a group of Christian to gather and enjoy fellowship through the delivery of the events.